Test & Case Studies


Treated water can adjust Ph to
meet coal washing plant
requirements and eliminating the
use of slaked lime.


Tailings water may contain various
metals including gold which can
be recovered after treatment.


Tailings dams containing copper
sulphate can be precipitated and
residue reprocessed for recovery.

Research and Development

Commitment to continual research and development, we
are seeking mining companies anonymous participation.
Participating companies are provided with solutions to
increase yield, minimise environmental impact and
receive discounted treatment solutions.


We are requesting samples of contaminated mine water.
These samples will be confidentially tested for private
research only. Remaining nameless, they will be discarded or
returned at the end of testing.

The results enable the customisation of specifically designed
solutions for individual operations, enabling us to provide the
participant with optimal ways to enhance operations. A
summary of findings is provided to the participating parties.

Interested parties please 
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