Acid Mine water is a costly biohazard caused by disturbing
sulphide bearing rocks that, when in contact with oxygen
and water create sulphuric acid (or more commonly known
as Acid Mine Water).

Mine water is one of the biggest environmental problem in
mining operations and forces the containment of large
volumes of contaminated water. Left untreated it has the
potential to cause major environmental catastrophe leading
to irreversible environmental damage.


Eliminating these hazardous waterborne contaminates allows
for simple, safe mine remediation. Treated water expels
minerals which act as a natural retardant to seed germination
and is suitable for agriculture.

Reclaimed Ph neutral, crystal clear water provides irrigation,
dust suppression, and provides a sustainable supply of water.
Successful treatment transforms the harmful concoction and
harmoniously recycles them back into the environment.

Working with active mining operators and 
governing authorities
in remediating redundant 
operations throughout Australia to eliminate 
environmental disasters.

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